Together, They Fight Crime

This week’s challenge sent us off to a website called They Fight Crime, which randomly serves up two wacky character descriptions.  Our assignment, should we choose to accept it, is to write a story of around 1,500 words showing those characters  interacting. Having them fight crime is optional.

Here’s what the site gave me:

He’s a hunchbacked advertising executive with a bag of magic beans.

She’s a mentally unstable snake charmer in love with the honey monster.

Together, they fight crime!

Here goes….


Honey Monster

After the show, the freaks liked to hang out in the field behind the tent, smoking and gossiping. Ben was there, that balmy Thursday night, the way he often was, even though he was an advertising executive in town, and not a part of the circus. He felt normal among the freaks, accepted, his hunchback of no importance there.

He also kept on showing up because he had a hopeless crush on Janelle, the snake charmer. What would a world-circling sideshow performer want with a boring townie who spent his days parked behind a desk? So he hid his feelings, and he thought he hid them well, but the freaks all knew, and it amused them and gave them something to talk about when Ben wasn’t around.

That night, though, Janelle never showed up for the party in the field.  She was in her tent with Cooper, the new guy, her understudy for the snake charmer act.  Honey Baby, she called him, because of the way his sweet words dripped into her ears. Continue reading